Give your network, friends and clients Huge Results in their businesses ... automate your income and earn 30% on every sale you refer.

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Here's what you get as an affiliate:


30% payout on all qualifying sales made through you.
Complete real-time reporting and monitoring
High quality, life-changing products for you to recommend - which come with a complete guarantee!
Links, banners, and articles to assist you in sharing the products, and even free training on how to increase your sales
We'll do all the work! You just place a link on your site or in your newsletter, and we handle the tracking, the sale, collecting the funds, delivery, and commission payment
Fully automated, passive income cash generator

How much can You earn?

That depends on how many referrals you make! At R 297.00 per successful referral, you only need to make 10 successful referrals per month to earn R 2970.00

We Support You

We'll also provide you with a wide range of sources you can share with your network, so we will basically be doing the selling for you.

The small business industry is booming with 1000's of new businesses starting up everyday. We already provide much need resources, classes, courses, marketing opportunities and support for small businesses in 34 countries around the world. For details of what our subscription offers,

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The tracking system

Whenever a visitor arrives at the SA Business Hub web site from your affiliate link, a cookie will be saved on their computer. This cookie holds your unique code, so if your visitor decides to place an order up to one whole year later you're still guaranteed to get the commission on the sale.

How will I get paid?

To keep admin simple and to get your money to you as quickly as possible, we will pay you via company cheque.

We will send your payment by ceque on the 30th of January, April, July and October every year provided that your commission is at least R200. If your commission is below R200 in a particular month, it will be added to your next months commission.

How much does it cost?

You pay nothing to become an affiliate, it completely free.

How do I get started?

It's very simple, and takes just 2 minutes to sign up.

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I'll then send you an email with your unique link to place on your website, in your email signature, or in your newsletter. You'll also receive access to a special page with some cool graphic/text ads and articles for advanced affiliates.

And welcome aboard!

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