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Registered address service (RSA Only)

Each company in South Africa is required to have a registered address, where it can receive its official mail from the Registrar of Companies, tax authorities and the public. This service includes the use of one of our official addresses as your comp...

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Have you noticed that as a high growth company people thought you were so successful you didn'’t need help? In fact as you look around it’s almost impossible to find anyone with a real understanding of the issues you face. As the owner of yo...

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Posted: 2007-02-06 / Author: Robert P. Williams

Listing Your Website On Google Or Yahoo! In 48 Hours

A search engine listing is almost an absolute necessity in order to drive traffic to your website. After all, if the search engines don't know where your website is, who does? When promoting your site, it is understandably your goal to drive as much targeted traffic as possible to your site and as quickly as you can.

Did you know that using the website submission form offered by Google will take six weeks just to get your site indexed? Fortunately, there is an easier and faster way.

Getting listed by Google in less than two days can be done without any fancy footwork or shady methods. The key is to jaeger lecoultre replica watches utilize the search engines the way they are designed to work. The internet is called "The Web" for a very good reason. Search engines find new websites by visiting websites that already exist in their index. From those sites they follow all of the links in order to visit other sites. Then they'll visit those websites and all of the their links and so on. This is called "crawling". Search engines crawl websites in order to find new information to place in their index of search results. Armed with this knowledge, it is simple to get your website indexed quickly.

A very effective way to get your site noticed by the search engines quickly is to write an informative article related to the content of your website and submit your article to the numerous article directories on the internet. You can do a search for "Article Directory". There you can submit your articles free of charge. You can also use an article submission service that will mass submit your articles to scores of article directories for a reasonable fee. Try as they offer the best value for money. When the spider makes its daily crawl of the article directories, your article with a link to your website will be discovered. Eureka, your website got listed.

Another way to get your website listed quickly is to exchange links with a website that is related or similar to your website. You want to approach website owners whose website has a high page rank. The Google Toolbar has an option that shows a websites page rank. Once you've found several websites like this, search the website for the owners contact information. Once you find their contact information send them an email asking if they will link to your website in return for linking back to their website. If you do this correctly and professionally, they will respond and place a link on their website to yours. If you can manage to get 1 PR6 website to link to your website, you should be indexed by Google in less than 3 days. If you can get 1 PR7 website to link to you, in most cases, you will be in Google's index in less than 24 hours.

If you do not have much luck getting a high ranking website to exchange links with you, there is an alternative. Purchase a link from a high page rank website. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to visit the link purchasing websites. Here are a few of the better ones:,, You should be able to purchase a PR7 link for 1 month at $150. After the month is up, there is no need to renew because you are in Google's index. Needless to say, for something around $150 you can be indexed by Google within 24 hours with no work on your part.

You can also use a more traditional free method like posting in forums. If you choose this route, be careful not to spam. Follow the posted rules, give helpful answers, and do not go overboard on your "signature file". Private forums are not always indexed. Make certain that the forums display recent posts and get listed in search results.

You can also try getting your site mentioned in news releases, and blogs.

As you can see, getting your website indexed by the search engines in less than 48 hours is not a miracle feat. Using the search engines the way they are designed to work is the quickest and most effective means to obtaining your goal.

About the Author: Robert Williams operates an article directory for Work At Home Business Website.

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